Made in Italy

The Italian agri-food heritage is one of the strengths of our Country, recognized all over the world.

Italy has 164 “DOP”, “IGP” Certifications and 484 “DOC”, “DOCG”, “IGT” Certifications for different products like pasta, tomato, wine, ham, salami, meat, cheese, etc.

"Made in Italy" products enjoy an excellent reputation and are recognized, appreciated and requested by foreign consumers, who consider them symbols of Italy, its culture and its culinary tradition.

The food specialties "Made in Italy" are made up of the so-called "typical products”, which have a close link with the territory, a real differentiation factor that determines its success on the International markets.

In fact, Italian agri-food products reach the most varied International markets and everywhere record an excellent success, for their typicality and their quality.

Pastarotti was born precisely with this purpose: to promote the genuine flavors and tastes of Italy and reach the homes all over the world, with dishes easy to prepare and ready in a few minutes.

Pastarotti pasta, risotto and soups will take you around Italy, until you get to know the much beloved Italian tradition, through its dishes and specialties.