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A new and efficient company specializing in the production of food specialities disguised as service-products

Antaar&s orginates from a group of food experts which have been working for many years in a consulting firm specializing in the study of new products. A great innovative ability has joined together with the utmost elasticity of the planning and the answer to the customers. Antaar&s specialized in the study and the production of dehydrated ready to serve foodstuffs in order to offer the highest results.

Our target

It is our intention to maintain the top level on the market either for our quality, or innovation or service to the customer in order to be the excellent partner for the companies searching for highly-qualified products.

The company is certified from 2006 IFS (Higher Level) and BRC (Grade A), from 2004 it possesses the certification of " non by-products from soy, corn OGM."
The company is authorized from the Health Ministry to the production and the packaging of products destined to a particular feeding to the D.L. N.111 of the 27.1.92 "Gluten Free".

The market awards a prize to us

The company development is the most obvious indication that what we are doing is effective indeed:

- after only 4 years from the opening of the new plant, we have now to double the
  production facilities
- in a steady market, our turnover is rapidly increasing of about 18% per year
- our products cover 20% of the Italian market (company¹s evaluation)
- last year we have developed 8 new products

- during 2010 new innovative products will be launched on the market

Penne with Seafood
Spaghetti with Pesto sauce
Fusilli with Mushrooms
Fusilli with Cheese sauce
Tagliolini with Carbonara sauce
Penne Arrabbiata

Paella with Seafood and Vegetables
Risotto with Ink Squid
Risotto with Seafood
Risotto with Asparagus
Risotto with Vegetables
Risotto with Saffron
Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms
Risotto with Tomatoes

Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Soup
Pasta with Beans
Creamy Vegetable Soup
Creamy Soup with Asparagus
Creamy Soup with Porcini Mushrooms